AppsPro Leaders
  • Abdulaziz Al-Salloum
    Experience: More than 30 Years

    Abdulaziz has more than 30 years in the IT domain in Saudi Arabia.

    He has a Master in M

    Sallom 2015_
  • Rani Abu-Shaar
    General Manager
    Experience: More than 17 years

    Rani has more than 17 years of experience in HR Business Solutions domain in different sectors (P

    Rani 2015
  • Ramzi Hashweh
    Regional Manager
    • Ramzi has more than twenty years of professional experience in managing financial process
    Ramzi 2015
  • Ahmad Bani-Baker
    PMO Director
    Experience: 14 years

    Ahmad has more than 14 Years of Professional experience in IT Business Applications, Strong Proje

    BaniBakr 2015
  • Mir Dawar Ali
    Business Strategy Director
    Experience: More than 12 Years

    Mir Dawar Ali is a Business Strategy Director at AppsPro Technology Co.

    Prior to joinin

    Mir 2015
  • Ahmad Naqouri
    Technology Practice Director
    Experience: 8 years

    Ahmad had More than 8 Years of Experience in ERP Domain (BT, Quattro, GRIT, VPC, AppsPro) in sev

  • Mohammed Sharara
    HCM Track Leader
    Experience: More than 12 Years

    Mohamed has more than 12 years of professional and intensive experience in the IT field specially

    Shararah 2015
  • Moayad Alqwasmi
    Value Chain Planning Track Manager
    Experience: More than 15 Years

    Moayad has more than 15 years of experience in designing value chain planning processes and imple

    Moayyad 2015
  • Salam Abu-Saleh
    Development Track Manager
    Experience: More than 10 Years

    Salam has More than 10 years of experience in Oracle development and technical consulting in sev

  • Anas Al-Anssary
    Account Manager
    Experience: More than 12 Years

    Anas AlAnssary has More Than 12 Years of Experience Working with (Jarir Marketing, AppsPro), He w

    Anas 2015

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